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Finance Manager
Time:2013-07-26 09:29:13

一.general requirements
age range:40-45.
degree of education:full-time university bachelor degree or above,CPA preferred.
Major in accounting or relate.
Working experience:more than 10 years of financial working experience,more than 5 years    engaged in accounting financial treatment,and above 3 years of general ledger management.

二.Skills and qualities
1. have a overall knowledge of financial theory,modern enterprise administration,familiar    with finanicial laws and regulations and institutions.
2. familiar with financial laws and regulations,investment,import and export trade,enterprise    financial policy and process.
3. have experiences on analysis of investment projects,argumentation and decision.
4. have a good command of tax policy,business analysis,cost control,and cost accounting.
5. proven skills in financial management,capital planning,capital raising and operating.
6. excellent oral and written communication skills.

三.Job duties
1. in charge of accounting,forms,budgeting and stotage works.
2. responsible for make plans of profit-planning,capital investment,financial planning,sales    prospects,estimates of expenditure or cost standard.
3. make and manage tax policy plans and processes.
4. set up prefect internal budget organization ,date management system,and make regulations    of financial check and management.
5. organize economic activity analysis,financial plans,cost plans to reduce cost,increase    incomes and improve economic performance.
6. supervision company comply with state laws regulations,disciplines and board meetings.

Address: Zhifangtou industrial park,cangzhou city,hebei province,china
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