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Mechanical Engineer
Time:2013-07-26 09:28:43

一. Basic Requirements
degree of education:  University graduate or above.
Major: Mechanical and relative major.
Other Skills: Skill in computer and English.
Experiences: 5-10 years of mechanical design experience.

二.Skills and Ability
1.Skill in Production technology and processing technology.
2.Has the design and confirm the ability of implementation plan and program.
3.Be familiar with mechanical parts design.
4.Proficient in AutoCAD and Solidworks.
5.Familiar with Microsoft Office software.

三.Job Duties:
1.Responsible for the machine mechanical improvements.
2.Responsible for new product reserch.
3.To participate in formulating and modification of the use of techniques for machine maintenance and technical security and other relevant technical regulations.
4.Prepare the recent technology improvements planning, and prepare long-term technology development and technology measures planning.
5.Prepare the regulations referring to the machinery using, the machinery maintenance, technical security and other relevant technical regulations.
6.Participation in the new technological introduction and product development work plan and implementation.
7.Do a technical data for the mechanical drawings and technical documents.
8.In time deal with the technical problems for the machines.
9.Understand industrial information, and to know that the product development trend and learning advanced knowledge, organize the related training.
10.Finish the other tasks assigned by the leaders.
11.Responsible for the machinery stable operation.
12.Responsible for necessary guidance of the assembly workers and other related personnel training.
13.Responsible for assist machine after-sale service work.


Address: Zhifangtou industrial park,cangzhou city,hebei province,china
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