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Workshop Manager
Time:2013-07-26 09:28:54


一.General requirements
Age range:28-40.
Major in mechanical design or related, junior college or above.
more than three years working experiences of local management with high capability of personnel management and coordination.

二.Skills and qualities
1.familiar with workshop working processes .
2.have a good master of production management skills.
3.familiar with office software.
4.good command in high responsibility, independent working ability,and good social communication.
5.good command in management and a good team player
working comments.

三.Job Duties:
1.in charge of production,quality,technology,equipment,and security etc…with help of production manager,try to raise management skills and production efficiency to ensure achieve production goals and tasks.
2.organize production,coordinate productin processes,able to control production planning.
3.strict implementation of safety and civilization production management,train workers to observe labour discipline,and operation process according to drawings.
4.able to make and organize maintainance works regularly.
5.assist human resource to do quality education and technical training to promote employee’s character.
6.support work of quality inspection,organize to analysis and solve quality problems in time,submit vital problems about quality and technology etc…
7.responsible for employee’s attendance,discipline,working efficiency and sense of responsibility.
8.make a full preparations for environment,maintainance and security in advance.

Address: Zhifangtou industrial park,cangzhou city,hebei province,china
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